Internet??: Half day at the Grand Canyon

We’ve come to rely on the internet for so much, and we take it for granted–that is until you don’t have it!

I’m on the road again with my friend Alyse. This trip was set up 9 months ago; a long time before we decided to downsize and move. It was a week retrieval in a sense. I had lost a timeshare week with RCI because of Richard’s inability to travel for 3 years. I was able to recover all but this particular week. So, after paying extra to get it back and extend it, I invited Alyse to join me. There would be no saving the week again.

So that’s why I’m on the road so soon after moving. Yes, we did finally move! I left Richard with a huge mess. It’s hard to lose half a house. Oh, getting back to the internet, it’s very sporadic here at the Sedona Pines Resort in Sedona, Arizona. I’m hoping to get through this blog post.

We stopped at the Grand Canyon National Park for half a day during our trek to Sedona. I was there about 40 years ago with Richard and the kids. Of course, we saw more, but it was great to be there again. The memories of our family trip came flooding back. If you want to see more than just the rim drive, you need to hop on a bus. We didn’t have time for that, so we opted for the South Rim Drive. It was enough to give us a taste of how vast the Canyon is.

On our way, I stopped in Seligman, Arizona. Alyse had never seen this quaint little town with it’s Route 66 allure. I was saddened to see that some of the manikins were gone, but there was enough for her to enjoy.

My internet time may be getting slow so let’s get on with the pictures!

Cross country: Seligman and Holbrook, Arizona

Not bleak, barren or boring! Our trip to Holbrook today took us up a little over 7,000 ft. We went from desert foliage, to oak scrub, and then to pine trees. It was a beautiful and cooler drive. I did take a photo when we stopped for lunch near the mountain summit. I wanted you to see how lush the forest is at the mountain top.

But we did stop at Seligman along the historic Route 66. We had been there before on another trip and I wanted to shoot some scenes so you could see Seligman. Yes, it’s a tourist trap, but a unique one. The store owners have gone crazy to recreate some of the 50s atmosphere.

After Seligman, we pushed on and are now settled into a KOA RV park, and at about 5,000 ft. it’s not too bad temperature wise (low 90s). They have WIFI, cable TV, a store that sells ice cream! Compared to last night’s accommodations, we are living well! We may stay more than the two nights necessary to visit the Petrified National Park and Painted Desert. From what I’ve read, these two destinations are also not bleak, barren and boring!