I ran as fast as I could: Flowers in San Jose

I tried to outrun a cold, but I think it caught me anyway. That’s a bummer because I want to go learn more about lighting tonight and shoot on Saturday and Sunday. So, at least during the day today, I’m taking it easy. However my dog keeps asking for his usual walk. We all learn to deal with disappointment, even him.

When I was in San Jose visiting my friends, I wanted to go to the Municipal Rose Garden, but decided to take my camera on my neighborhood walk instead. I wasn’t dissatisfied. The gardens were beautiful and well cared for. I wish I had more time and energy for a longer walk.

This proves we really don’t have to go far to find beauty. With that in mind, here are some of the beautiful flowers I was able to shoot with my 18 – 140 mm lens. No macro that day; it was too breezy. No captions today. Mostly I know the roses, but not the names of the other flowers. All I know is that they are beautiful!

After I post this I’ll rest for a couple of hours.


A day gone awry: Japanese Friendship Garden, part 2

Did you ever have one of those days? You know, the kind that are full of mishaps. Well, Friday, June 10 was one of those days for me. Oh, this has nothing to do with the Japanese Friendship Garden.

It all began when I woke up at 5 a.m. This was my last morning at my friends’ house in San Jose. My hope was to wake up around 7 a.m. so I could stay up to shoot the Milky Way at Blue Canyon Airport in the Sierras. I had it all planned: leave San Jose at 9 a.m., get home, rest and get ready for the night shoot. I couldn’t skip the shoot since we were hosting it at our observatory!

The day started wrong and continued from there:

  • I couldn’t nap during the day.
  • I was tired and left my red colored flash light home.
  • When we stopped for dinner, Richard remembered that he didn’t bring along the observatory keys. So he had to go back home to get them–a two hour round trip.
  • All the photographers came and were anxious to shoot the Milky Way. But, the cloud cover didn’t leave. Most of us left without our prize.

So, that was my day. We got home about midnight and I woke up at 5:30 a.m. the next day! Last night, I slept nine hours!

So that was my day gone awry. What about yours?

While you’re thinking about how you can better me, here are the last of the Friendship Garden images.


Practice makes perfect–I hope soon!

Does practice make perfect? Well, I practice and I’m far from perfect, but I know I have to keep it up. Last week was so busy I didn’t have a chance to take my camera out. I felt like life had been cheating me of my passion. Yes, I’ve gotten that attached to this hobby. But, practice chances are where you make them.

I’ve been in San Jose, California for some R&R and to celebrate my dear friends’ birthdays. As part of my R&R, I took my D7100 and 50 mm lens out for practice, shooting on manual. First I walked around the area where my friends live, and the next day, I walked a nearby lake/park.

How did the practice go? I’ll be honest, I’m not sure. Of course, I’m more critical of my abilities than someone else would be. This prime 50 mm lens is fast, and I guess I’m not used to having a fast lens that lets in more light. My struggle during these last two days was with the exposure. I did work with the settings until I ended up with a good shot, but it was frustrating.

I’m sure if I keep it up, the struggles will get less. So the only thing I can do is practice until perfect comes along–at least good comes along.