On the road again; journey’s end: bits and pieces; Evan’s wedding

Don’t worry, I’m not going to have you wade through a massive amount of wedding shots. Well, maybe just a few! All the images in this post were shot with my new small, inexpensive point and shoot. It worked well for most shots, but didn’t do as well inside in the low-light room. But, I’m happy because I captured the essence of the day.

Speaking of the day, it was cold, cloudy and windy. This is not the most welcome weather for an outdoor wedding! I felt for the bridal party gals in their strapless gowns. Fortunately, the party was held inside, hence the low light. This small camera is actually fool-proof, taking charge and deciding on its own what settings to use.

And since it shoots JPEG only, it limits editing abilities in Lightroom. But, it went where no SLR could go–in my small purse! And, it didn’t interfere with the professionals and their SLRs. Overall, I’m happy with the small camera and had a terrific time at the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

Here are just a few images!

Cross country: Long Island, New York and the last of Philadelphia

July 15, 2013

What a trip! The trip from New Jersey was not without a few heart thumping moments. With all the great directions from Allan and our two GPS systems, we were still forced off the highway into unknown territory. Fortunately that territory was Brooklyn and not the Bronx. I used to live in the Bronx but that was 51 years ago and things change.

Back to the heart thumping moments, when you see a sign saying trucks and trailers more than 12’2” have to exit the highway and you’re 13’, you get off. But where are you when you exit the highway? Is the GPS re-routing you past the danger zone? Well, you can see how stressed we were. We knew we couldn’t go on the parkways and needed to stay on the expressways, but….!

I’m not done yet. If you’re traveling on the east coast bring lots of cash—for the tolls. It cost us $37 to cross a bridge and more for driving on the turnpikes, etc.

Enough griping. Irene and Neil met us and escorted us to our campground. We then spent the rest of the day with them and their family. You’ll meet them in my next post. Richard put up his telescope, Neil set his up and a neighbor also set his up. We had a great time with them and have scheduled some more sightseeing outings. We’re also going to visit our cousins Morty and Mary who also live on Long Island.

So, it’s going to be a busy and fun week ahead. Oh, did I mention the assorted foods I told Irene that we had to eat? Yes, there’s pizza (the real deal from New York), a malt (not a shake), Italian ices, a good hot dog and deli. I’m going back on Weight Watchers when we leave here!

Today we are going to the planetarium here on the Island. And, our trip continues!

Cross country: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania again

July 13, 2013

Oh thank heavens for cousins. Yes, this blog is coming to you through the WIFI of Elaine and Herb. We moved on to Jackson, New Jersey only to find the same almost non-existent internet and very little cell coverage. We have enough to make calls and do email, but not enough to load photos.

Today, I’ll show you some more of Philadelphia, mostly shot from a moving tour trolley. I’m warning you, there are a lot of buildings. I find the old architecture interesting.

Old is something we have found in our travels through Virginia and Pennsylvania. There isn’t the dense suburbia like we have in California. There are houses on lots of acreage and some new housing developments with a lot less land. Where houses are old, they are smaller. The newer homes are large.

We see this in California in the foothills to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the gold country. Of course, we do have the great San Joaquin valley, home to farms and ranches.  But I need to finish this blog so we can get to Herb and Elaine’s home and WIFI! You’ll meet Herb and Elaine tomorrow.


Cross country: Philadelphia Pennsylvania

July 12, 2013

I have two of the most wonderful cousins. Finding a place to put an RV in/near/around New York is a trying experience. I don’t know how many places I called, it was desperation time. But, with Irene and Karen’s help, we have a spot. It’s amazing that I called this campground twice only to be turned down. Irene went there and got us spot #12!

That made touring Philadelphia more relaxing for us yesterday. We decided to take one of the tours and chose one that allowed you to get off and on. That helps for three reasons: you want to see the attraction, you’re hungry and/or your tour guide’s competency is poor. We got off the busses for all those reasons today. We were fortunate to have two wonderful tour guides who not only told us facts, but added humor.

We also took a guided tour of Independence Hall. You’ll see those pictures maybe Saturday. Today I’m going to show you some of the images I was able to capture from the bus and a beautiful church. You’ll also meet cousins Karen and Alan, and their son Evan and his finance Christine.

It will be nice to have internet again. But again my cousins saved the day. I’m using Karen’s WIFI to post this blog today.