Fog, trees and pond! Boulder Ridge and Coyote Pond parks

I’m not too fond of fog when I’m driving, but when I have my camera in my hand, I love it. On one foggy morning we (Marlene, Linda, Ray and I) ventured out to two local parks hoping to get foggy images.

The fog was lifting when we arrived at Boulder Ridge park in Rocklin, but still thick enough to block the visual of most of the park. This time of the year, the trees are bare and stand tall against the fog.

This large park is popular with locals. But it was damp and cold while we were there, and the hillsides weren’t visible. When we couldn’t see the rest of the park, we left and followed in our cars to Coyote Pond in Lincoln. The fog had lifted there and the beauty of this small neighborhood park was waiting for us.

It’s great that we have such beauty easily accessible in these COVID days.

Road trip: In search of Fall color, again!

Just say these words to me “road trip and camera,” and I’m ready for a fun morning. So off Ray, Marlene and I went, meeting Lucille and Gert along the way, to find some Fall color. We started outside of Lincoln, California in Placer County and drifted around the area. We saw touches of color during our drive, stopping where we could. I do wish farmers would create parking for us!

Here’s our first stop. The trees were bright red, but the lighting was not that good and a fence was prominent. They dying grape vines gave a nice orange hue.

I followed Lucille around the corner. This is what she found.

Our second stop was up the road at a county park that was already full. They let us in so we could use the bathroom. It was a long bathroom break!

Our third and last stop came as we were on our way home. We stopped when we saw orange blazing on the hillside.

So, while we didn’t find amazing Fall color, we did find amazing photographic opportunities. I love those road trips because you never know where you’ll end up or what photos are waiting for you to take.

Grandma’s turn: Coyote Pond Park, Lincoln, California

While the kids are away, grandma stays–with the grandkids. This weekend has been fun with the younger set of grandkids. I started early Friday morning and will go home tonight, Sunday. They are great kids and growing up fast. At 6 and 8 years, they are very self sufficient.

Yesterday, I told them that I’ve been a very good grandma and deserved a treat, which was to take my camera and shoot some pictures. So we went to Coyote Pond Park near their home. Actually, this is sort of a regular of theirs. Tucked in suburbia, the park has a small play area, a nice size pond where neighborhood kids can fish, and a nice paved walkway around the pond. I was surprised what a difference more water made for the park. We saw humming birds, an egret and a blue heron. Families were picnicking and kids were playing on the playground.

Because the walk was short, the kids enjoyed it, especially when they knew they would be able to play once it was over! My grandson spotted the hummer, and we watched as the blue heron was curious about what the egret was catching.

Take a look at this hidden treasure in Lincoln. Well, it was a treasure for grandma!


What happens when your lens just won’t focus?: Coyote Pond, Lincoln, California

What would you do if your lens wouldn’t focus? Probably go back home and try to figure it out–right. But, what if you had to pick up your grandkids within an hour and your home is 30 minutes away? You keep walking and shooting. At least that’s what I did.

The lens did okay when my depth of field was long. It failed at close up and mid range shots. I just closed down the aperture and hoped for the best. That was yesterday. Today it focused, but it’s having other troubles. It may have sensor or connector problems. I don’t think it’s the camera. When we were back east, the barrel kept getting stuck at about 35 mm. It’s an 18 – 55 mm kit lens. Now it’s working better, but not focusing all the time, and the barrel is lose on the front.

Since it is my main lens, I’ve ordered a replacement. So that’s my current frustration with my photography adventures. Now for the images I was able to get, here’s a little background on Coyote Pond Park. This is a small neighborhood park in Lincoln that has a pond. There is a walk around path and a small playground for the children. However, the find of the morning was a tree that had lost its main trunk, maybe to lightning, and is surviving from branches that have grown out of the bottom of the remaining trunk. Fortunately, those pictures came out clear. It is an amazing tree. I hope you enjoy it.

Hopefully, the new lens will work well, and, of course, focus when I need it to!