Shooting inside: Antique Trove, part 1

If the weather is forcing you to shoot inside, try an antique store. The bigger the store, the better. One thing: always ask permission before you go. The Antique Trove in Roseville is becoming my Tuesday group’s favorite inside place to shoot. It’s huge, has a lot of vendors, and the items change frequently.

We’ve been there twice now and have not been disappointed. Okay, some of us bought things we couldn’t resist. The plaques I purchased are now hanging with my photos in the kitchen dinnette area.

I do have a problem though, I don’t like clutter and price tags. So, I tend to do closeups with a short depth of field. I look for lines, texture and items that tend to tell a story. I also don’t like to use a high ISO, but I do what’s needed. Stores don’t take kindly to tripods! Fortunately, I have a 2.8, 17 to 70 Sigma lens expecially made for crop sensor cameras. It typically gives me enough light. Flash photography is not allowed.

During our first visit in January, I didn’t find much to shoot. Maybe I was having an off day and didn’t find items that inspired me. However, last week was a different story. With our outing three weeks apart, the stock in the vendor stalls had changed and, since it wasn’t raining at the moment, the back outside stalls were open.

Because I have edited photos from two visits, this will be a two-part post. There will be more images from last week’s shoot. So here we go. Enjoy my take on the Antique Trove.

Photography can be expensive: Fort Tejon State Historical Park, California

I’m feeling it now–the dollars are just flowing out. First, my lens (18 – 55 mm kit lens) breaks and then my external flash says goodbye. I’m not too upset about the lens, but the flash was only used a couple of times! Of course, I’m trying to see the opportunity in both these items breaking: I have a slightly better lens (didn’t want to opt for the one that was $500.00 more) and a much better flash that I’m determined to use more.

I haven’t had much opportunity to use my flash in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been shooting, doing day or night photography. But, today I’m taking a class in how to effectively useĀ it. This lesson and my paying for a new flash. hopefully, will bring me to seek out more opportunities to use the flash.

One of the bright spots in all this is Action Camera. They managed to fix my old flash from my film camera days, clean the D7100’s sensors and, of course, sell me the new flash. They advised me against using the old flash on the digital camera because the electrical has changed, but I can still use it as an off camera flash.

Meanwhile, on our way home from a Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) trip this past weekend, we stopped at Fort Tejon State Historic Park. This is located near the summit of the Grapevine off Highway 5 in LebecĀ California. The sun was blaring, and it would have been an advantage to use a fill flash, and I was using my prime 50 mm lens. I enjoyed using the nifty 50, but still have to get used to it. Today, I’m showing you some of the images from this little fort. Most of the buildings are recreated, but you can still get the feeling of how it was in the 1800s.