Popping up again: Sunflowers and the California Automobile Museum

Yes, sunflowers were popping up again. But this time in a different field, in Davis, and different time of day. We, Marlene, Linda and I, found the field about 11 a.m., and the sun was getting high in the sky. A visit to the California Automobile Museum, in Sacramento, caused us to arrive a little later than we would have liked.

My goal was to shoot over the field and get a wide shot. However, we forgot to bring a small ladder. Okay, I’m short! I did my best, trying to stand as tall as possible. It was a different type of shoot than the last during sundown. There was no back lighting, just blaring sun. I’m finding that I now make do with the environment I shoot in, figuring what type of shot would work best.

For instance, at the Automobile Museum, the cars were so close together and the lighting poor so I decided to do mostly close ups. I went for the hood ornaments, the tires, the horns–whatever looked interesting and different. I’m now shooting with intent and not just doing snapshots. I’m actually able to pull out something good from what doesn’t look like a great photo opportunity.

I’m still learning, but I’m more confident in my abilities. There’s another sunflower shoot on July 5. Maybe I’ll join them, you never know what will pop up!

Deja vu: Mossy trees and mustard, Lake San Antonio, Monterey County, California, part 3

Mustard! It’s yellow just like the condiment, but you don’t spread it on sandwiches or hot dogs. You just look at its beauty and admire it. I’m amazed at how wildflowers can make a hillside or valley look stunning. You’ll see mustard in this post; the last of our visit to Lake San Antonio.

It was sad to see Lake Nacimiento and San Antonio so low in water capacity. We used to camp there with our children when we had a boat. We saw Nacimiento from Lakeside Rd and drove down to San Antonio. The California drought is becoming very noticeable now. We are beginning strict water rationing, which I think should have been done sooner.

Right now there are thunder storms north of us and it may be snowing in the Sierras. But, that won’t be enough to get us through the hot summer. I know the east coast has had enough rain and snow. Funny how Mother Nature is!

So, let’s get on with the serving of mustard–no hot dogs on the side!

Sacramento Museum Day part 2: The California Automobile Museum

Muscle cars, race cars, classic cars. You can find them all at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento. And we found them all, including lots of people. You sort of expect that when it’s free museum day. We were’nt allowed to bring in our tripods because of the crowded condition, so we made the best of it.

I decided to shoot parts of the cars rather than the entire vehicle. A surprise was the small cafe made to look like the interior of a 50s ice cream parlor. That was fun to shoot. I also met a nice couple who were curious as to why I was shooting the top of a table. I wonder what they were thinking until I explained that I was shooting the reflection of the neon sign.

I was also surprised to learn that this museum changes exhibits quarterly. Marlene and I are going back to shoot the next exhibit. You’ll see what it is next month.

Meanwhile enjoy the best of the classic, antique and muscle cars.

More Kars For Kids and giving thanks

I’m thinking today about what I’m thankful for. After a tense trip to the Los Angeles area and seeing my brother’s declining health, I desperately started to look for joy in my life. The day after I got back, I went to help out and take photos at Kars For Kids. I found joy there.  I didn’t know anyone, and they made me feel welcome. I was also amazed at how generous the car clubs and other exhibitors were. They pushed the 50/50 up to a wicked good amount and also purchased a good amount of raffle tickets.  Marebeth Gromer, Photographer and organizer of “Shoot Or Go Home” blog, did a wonderful job of putting this together. When I left at 1:30 p.m., she was finally sitting down and taking a break. So today, I’m thankful for my family, friends, and new photo hobby which has become my passion. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, try to keep the original intent of this American holiday. It’s not what store has the best buy, but finding the joy in life and giving thanks.

Kars For Kids

What a treat today! I helped out at the 2nd Annual Kars For Kids fundraiser at Gibson Ranch in Elverta, California. Coordinator Mary Gromer did a wicked good job of helping to brighten the holidays for disadvantaged children.

The Kars were classics. There were cars from the 1920s through the 1960s. When I saw a ’60s Chevy Super Sport, I thought that we should have held on to ours. Maybe we are now classics! Although I didn’t stay the entire day because of just getting back from L.A. and needing to catch up on things at home, I was able to shoot some of the classics. Here are some of them. More to come in my next post.