Bliss is what we all chase. It’s that something that relaxes, yet drives us to accomplish. It’s what we enjoy as a participant or spectator. This week, Lindy Low LeCoq encourages us to “show us your sense of wonder and excitement. Whether it be one activity that is your passion, or many different interests you follow, this is a wide-open opportunity to showcase how you “follow your bliss.”

One thing that comes to mind for me is music. I can’t sing, follow the beat or play an instrument. But music sooths my soul. I listen to both words and melody. One place I used to totally enjoy was the Sacrament Music Festival. Richard and I would work it every year, and the music was fantastic. Our favorites were Tom Rigney and Flambeau, who would play anything from zydeco to rock and roll, and Dave Bennett, whose clarinet rivaled Benny Goodman’s and his piano playing was as close to Jerry Lee Lewis as you could get. I’m sad that they discontinued it.

Even as I was enjoying music, I was also following my bliss for photography. When the pandemic and lockdown hit, photography was my outlet. Richard and I went for rides for the first few months of lockdown, going in search of snow and the California Poppy.

Soon my photo buddies formed a photo pod and went out once a week. One outing was to the WPA Rock Garden in William Land Park.

Another was to the California State World Peace Capitol Rose Garden in Sacramento.

And of course there are my friends who share in my love for photography. I’m dedicating this post to my friend Jean Armstrong who passed away this month after a short fight with brain cancer. She and I enjoyed going on day outings and, because she drove, we’d end up finding some sort of water. She loved the lakes and ocean. Here are two from our last outing together in January this year. We went to Port Costa (near the bay of course).

Thank you Lindy for reminding me to continue to follow my bliss. It’s so important especially now.

19 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #175: Follow Your Bliss

  1. As always a beautiful post and clarity of thought Anne. I’m so sorry about your friend – sharing the love of photography makes such a difference in our lives. I know you continue to have a wonderful group of like-minded photographers which really enhances our lives IMHO. I agree with your choice of music as well, definitely a source of joy. Beautiful images this week. Your last flower is magnificent.

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  2. Photography and music both bring back happy memories of places visited, good friends, and family gatherings.
    I am musically challenged, but truly I enjoy watching and sharing in the joy of those who can make music.
    That looks like a lovely park to visit for photography!


  3. I agree about photography and music. They do bring us wonderful memories. If you ever visit Sacramento, CA, do visit the World Peace Garden. It’s much more than roses! And be sure to visit the Capitol Building.


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