If you think about it, life itself is weird and wonderful. Ann-Christine asks us, in this week’s challenge, to find images in our archives or take our cameras out to find things that fit the weird and wonderful description. I’ve chosen to delve into my archives.

Buildings. I’ve found a few that are both weird and wonderful. There’s Drake’s Barn that serves food and drinks and hosts events. I took this photo shortly after it was built and the grounds were not ready for events. The The Ziggurat (the Pyramid Building) is an office building.

The the Manetti Shrem Museum in Davis is a beautiful and different building. I think the architecture is a work of art. Inside art exhibits are ongoing and outside are sculptures.

Hatcheries The Nimbus Fish Hatchery was a new experience for me. Yearly the Chinook salmon and steelhead swim upstream in the American River to lay eggs. The salmon that make it then die. Not that many make it. The hatchery catches and kills the salmon, removing their eggs and hatches them for release back into the river. This way more salmon are reproduced.

Fungi. I’ll close with mushrooms. They take many shapes and have many colors. These wild fungi are definitely weird and wonderful to photograph.

I’m not sure these images fit Ann-Christine’s challenge, but it was fun, weird and wonderful!

28 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #171: Weird and Wonderful

  1. I do believe these to be both weird and wonderful! A great gallery. My favourites are the fungi – the fiery one is really wonderful. And I have always thought the way salmon swim upstream to lay their eggs is fascinating. So they are helping them now? In Sweden we are removing some of the obstacles for them to swim the whole way, or building pass ways for them.

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    1. Thank you Ann-Christine! Just to watch the salmon and their determination to get upstream is amazing. Now, I’m wondering which is better making it easier to get to the spawning spot or killing them and hatching the eggs. Either way, they die in the end, but which yields more new fish?


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