In Sacramento California, the weather forces us indoors during a triple digit heat wave or lots of rain (We could sure use some of that now!). When we can’t take photos outside, my photo group wanders inside. Most commercial retailers don’t mind if we come in with our cameras just as long as we don’t use tripods and a flash. These activities are perfect for Ann-Christine’s challenge this week.

One rainy season had us float into Ameigh’s Hardware Store. They were great about hosting us. I found a few treasures in their garden section to focus close up on. They were fun to photograph, and helped me create some abstracts too. The ambient lighting in this store was ample.

The Antique Trove is another of our favorites. I tend to shoot close up at these venues. I get distracted by all the enticing things around me and can’t separate them from each other. There have been a few times when I’ve moved something, but I put it back the way I found it. Price tags also get in the way and the lighting is not super bright–up goes the ISO!

We also go to museums which have recently opened up again. One favorite is the Crocker Art Museum. The Crocker has an old wing (building) that was cleverly attached to a new section (building). I love the architecture and warmth in the old wing. This wing houses the ballroom and lovely staircases and ceilings. The lighting is not as bright here as it is in the new wing.

And, we always have IKEA. I can’t create a still-life, but when I see the opportunity, I use it. The ambient lighting is brighter here.

Last we sometimes shoot in the dark, especially at our State Capitol building during the Holidays. I love the way the rotunda is bright with the tree showing its lights. And, of course, I have to zoom a bit!

I mostly choose to photograph in ambient light rather than use a flash and enjoy the challenge of doing this indoors. Thank you Ann-Christine for this fun challenge.

38 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #166: Artificial Light

  1. That firs image of the holiday would be the perfect Christmas Card Anne! Loved your choices this week and think group shoots at local establishments is a marvelous idea. Had never thought about an indoor shoot. Idea stealing? You bet!


  2. I love all your choices, Anne, they are fabulous and so well photographed. Must say I love the last one especially…it is a special one indeed! And, I cannot pass the stairway – it is amazing.


  3. What a wonderful idea, Anne! I love that your photo group goes indoors to find photographic treasures in various places–even a hardware store. Your images are wonderful! The stairway at the Crocker is one of my favorites as well as your brilliant Christmas tree. A perfect card idea–as Tina says. 😀. I sometimes find cheap treasures in town and use them for still life shots. It’s fun to “repurpose” these items and turn them into art. You could make a wonderful still life with that prism or the old fashioned incandescent lamp and the books….A wonderful post.


    1. Thanks Patti! I’d like to see you do a post on how to create a still life image. I’m just not creative enough to create that type of art. I’m glad you liked the Crocker and the Christmas Tree at our Capitol building.

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  4. What great places to do photo shoots!
    So much variety and seems like it really wakes up the muse!
    And I have not been to an IKEA store in so long – hope to go sometime soon


  5. What great ideas you have for indoor photography! I’ve never thought of asking a shop if I could spend time photographing the goods on sale, although I’ve been known to grab a photo or two of a particularly interesting shop when travelling. Great idea, and I love all the close-ups!


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