Before Ann Christine posted this challenge, I hadn’t thought of the difference between shade and shadow. But the more I thought about it, the more I wondered whether we sit in the shade of the tree or the shadow cast by the tree! Here’s a definition I found on line, Shade is the darkness of an object not in direct light, while shadows are the silhouette of an object’s shape on another surface. Created by the same light, shades and shadows react differently, and both influence how one perceives space, color, and feeling.”

Here, some trees cast their shadows to give us shade!

This is building situated so it casts shade.

Here mushrooms grow in the shade. As the sun almost intrudes.

In these examples, shadows create patterns. We photographers love patterns!

Lastly, the sun helps two buildings to cast both shade and shadows.

So which comes first, the shadow or shade? Only the sun knows. Thanks Ann Christine!

18 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #152: Shade and Shadows

  1. Ann Christine got me thinking about the difference between shade and shadow too but I didn’t get around to searching out a definition, so thank you for that 🙂 You’ve chosen some very appropriate images for the theme – I especially like the mushrooms and the Sacramento waterfront.


  2. Clever girl to look up the definitions! That mushroom photo is my favorite – patterns, shapes, abstractions. Great perspective.


    1. Thanks -N! I still think shade and shadow are used interchangeably. We say we sit under the shade of the tree not the shadow of the tree. But in reality, the tree does cast a shadow. I suppose the shadow creates shade. We could go on forever!


  3. In putting my response together, I hadn’t contemplated the definitions of the difference. Thanks for sharing, I found it quite clarifying.
    Prior to reading your post, I might have said that I don’t know the difference between shade and shadow, but I know them when I see them. >grin<


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