Wow! Guest host, Sheetal, has asked us to share what “makes your world spin or things about your world that make you delirious with joy.” If I have to narrow it down, other than close friends and family, my photographic journey brings me joy. Before I retired, products I produced for clients, helping someone become a better speaker and writing articles brought me joy. I was totally immersed in their world and bringing their story out.

Photography allows me to do that for myself. Writing about it through our Lens-Artists challenges allows me to recognize it and savor it. How many chances do we get to talk about ourselves or show ourselves through our pictures?

So, what do I love to shoot? When asked that question I always reply, “Everything but portraits!” Let’s begin with the Sacramento Zoo. I do enjoy going there and must while they are open again. If you go on bone day, you can see the big cats gnawing their bones or maybe ready for a nap after a well-enjoyed treat.

I also enjoy visiting the nearby Effie Yeaw Nature Center where can see deer, coyotes, and other animals in their wild world along the American River.

Of course, there is the American and Sacramento Rivers that are also close.

We also have our countryside that host farms and foothills that hug the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Last we have downtown Sacramento where we can practice shooting buildings. Need a wide angle for this!

I’m so lucky to have so much nearby. And thank you to Sheetal for helping me recognize it!

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #135: A Glimpse Into Your World

  1. A beautiful glimpse into your world, Anne. Ejoy taking a virtual tour of the zoo, downtown, countryside. the nature center with you. Great photos.


  2. I think , based on the responses this week Anne, that we are all fortunate to live in beautiful places – or perhaps we are such that we find beauty where ever we are. In either case, it looks like your world is filled with marvelous aspects of nature as well a city life. Loved learning more about your world through your beautiful images.


  3. Anne, your work is becoming better than ever! This series is so expressive with great compositions and captures. I enjoyed this a lot.


    1. What beautiful pictures Anne! I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and I was surprised to know that zoo have bone days too. The cats made an arresting picture. It was a wonderful contrast to the buildings, thriving in an urban jungle. Loved your post . Thank you for sharing it with us.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi, Anne. What a diverse collection of all these marvelous places, Anne. Your images are wonderful, too. This week, your landscapes really captured my attention. Gorgeous! The light and colors are wonderful.


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