I love these challenges because they get me thinking about how I shoot. This week’s Lens-Artists challenge is from Patti Moed and is on symmetry.

I mostly shoot asymmetrical because I find it more pleasing to my eye. However, I do like to do macro shots of flowers and tend to fill the frame in camera. When I do shoot symmetrically, it’s usually a road or building. Again, this is mostly institutively since I don’t have any art training.

So, with that in mind, here are my examples of symmetry.




Thanks again Patti! I loved this challenge, and I’m looking forward to next weeks’.

15 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challege #116: Symmetry

  1. Thanks Tina! I love lotus too. Fortunately our Land Park pond has them every year. It’s a sight to see a whole bunch of photographers out there with tripods and long lenses. I walk around with camera in hand.


      1. I’m doing great! Been spending a lot of quality time with my 92 1/2 year old father πŸ™‚ and social media for my Etsy Shop. We’re hitting the road next weekend to see our daughter and grandkids so hopefully I’ll have some good photos/stories to share! πŸ™‚


  2. Good images about symmetry, even in asymmetric compositions. I like the tree a lot, but also the sunset and lotus flower. Have you tried converting them to black and white? I like to do that sometimes just to see the effects. Nice work all around.


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