Thank you Patti! This challenge made me stretch beyond my normal type of photography. What I finally came up with are a few things around my house that bring me joy.

First are my bamboo wind chimes. I love the sound they make even in a slight breeze. As you can see, they are old and cracking, but they still sound beautiful.

Also outside are my red chairs. I saw two red chairs during a visit to Volcano, a very small town in the gold country, and was instantly drawn to them. When I repainted the house I had to get some. They are a perfect accent for my gray and charcoal color choice.

One thing about me that you may not know: I’m a huge Mickey Mouse fan and love almost everything Disney. So Mickey is in my house big time. One Mickey treasure is my toaster given to me by dear friends. It’s really not good to use since the outside gets hot. So, it sits as a decoration on top of my kitchen cabinet. Who could not enjoy that first cup of coffee after looking at Mickey!

My fondest Mickey treasure is a big puzzle my older grandson, Christopher, made for me. Each piece is a scene from a Disney movie. He framed it and it hangs at the end of my hallway. Here’s the puzzle and a close up so you can see the puzzle pieces. It’s amazing.

And finally, my dog Gem. He’s a Schnoodle and is 10 years. We walk every day, so I guess he’s an everyday thing!

Thanks again Patti! It was fun!!

16 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Challenge #111: Everyday objects

  1. Awww, my vote goes to Gem – what and adorable little fellow he is! Of course your other images are also perfect for the challenge but he’s the big-time heart-stealer Anne!


  2. Hi, Anne. This is a lovely collection. Your red chair, the Mickey Mouse toaster, the wind chimes, and of course your adorable dog. They are all beautifully captured. Your dog looks so sweet and lovable.


  3. Thanks John! I just love that puzzle, especially since my grandson made it for me. My mother-in-law always told me to name you pets what you want them to be. Gem is a Gemini and a gem of a dog! Old wives tale???? Thanks again.


  4. Thank you Mithai! However, Gem was not so adorable this morning on our walk when he wanted to see what my neighbor was doing and wouldn’t walk with me! He’s stubborn and curious!


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