This is why I love the Sacramento area–our lake, rivers and creeks. And, from where I live in Antelope, Dry Creek is about 7 minutes away, Folsom lake is about 30 minutes away, and so are the Sacramento and American Rivers. On this particular evening, our Tuesday group went to Negro Bar, which is in Orangevale and is part of the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. 

We wanted to catch the sunset on the river, eat dinner in Historic Folsom and do some night shooting. The shoot was a lot of fun. We didn’t catch a spectacular sunset, but it was pretty. I had not been on this side of Negro Bar before (between two bridges), and I loved the rocky shore line. The food was great. Since we were there on a Tuesday night, Historic Folsom wasn’t bustling like I had hoped.

In the end, it was a fun evening of shooting and friendship. Yes, this is why I love the Sacramento area.


8 thoughts on “Lakes and Rivers: Negro Bar, Folsom Lake

  1. I think people take my self-examination of my journey the wrong way. I don’t mean to suggest that I’m not a good photographer; but, I’m simply bringing you along my journey. Sometimes things don’t turn out so good, but I learn from them. Most of the time the shoot goes well, and I still learn. I can confidently call myself a photographer now, and I’m proud of my progress.


  2. Progress. Yes you should be proud of your work! And you are always ready to get out and shoot. Looking forward to next time shooting together.


    1. Thanks for your comment, visiting my blog and following it.Your art is certainly unique and beautiful. We are fortunate to have many rivers in the Sacramento area. While you paint them, I capture them via photography. Thanks again.


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