You know I wasn’t entirely happy with my last set of zoo pictures. They were okay, but I wanted improvement. The first step to the happy dance came from Leanne Cole, amazing photographer and friend. She told me to focus my lens manually. Great idea, but I didn’t know how! This F/4 300 mm lens is old, and is not like any I’ve owned. Worse, it didn’t come with a manual.

When I bought it, I showed it to veteran photographer Tom. He checked it out and said it was a good lens and great buy. (It was still within the 90 warranty.) When I realized I couldn’t figure out how to work the lens properly, I asked Tom to join me at the Sacramento Zoo for some instruction. It was a great morning of shooting and fun.

I now know how to focus manually, what the limiter is and more. And the result was amazing. Thank you Tom and Leanne.

I’m now doing the happy dance. See for yourself.




11 thoughts on “Doing the happy dance: Back to the zoo

  1. The soul of these animals shows through. Such great eyes! I’ve never felt I’ve seen the animals eyes before when being at a zoo!!! This is creativity at work!! (And play!)


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting Jake. I visited your blog and find you write as well as you shoot–interesting and thought provoking. Learning to manual focus wasn’t difficult once I became comfortable with the “M” word–manual! In this instance, I just didn’t know how to use this old lens. What I find difficult is Photoshop! I love Lightroom.


      1. Ah yes the M word hahaha! Well bravo on mastering it so quickly. Trips to the zoo, for a photographer, are frustrating without a zoom lens.
        And thank you. I am new to blogging, just a few weeks into it, but I love it already! I see you and I chose the same layout. Great minds think alike!


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