I’ve come to believe that Nikon has arranged for everything to be photographer error. Things happen, but it’s never a Nikon problem! For instance, at a recent outing where we learned more about flash photography, my new 18 – 55 mm lens wouldn’t work. An accomplished Nikon photographer helped, but he couldn’t resolve the problem. So, I shot with my 55 – 300 mm lens all evening. The lens and flash (remember, that is new also) were really heavy and got heavier as the night pushed on. I did learn a great deal about using my flash, and I bet I’ve increased muscle mass too!

Oh, how did the lens issue come to be photographer error? Our fearless leader of the Sacramento Photographers looked at my camera during dinner. He asked me if I knew the lens was locked. I had totally forgotten the lens had a lock. Of course I knew when I first tried it out, but……

And, yesterday I didn’t realize that with all the moving of knobs, etc. the camera must have been put on JPG image quality. Yesterday’s shots in Benicia were all shot at JPG, leaving me less ability to edit. Anyway, you’re going to see some images from the Benicia State Recreation area today. This is going to be a three parter since I was there all day and visited three different areas.

I’m hoping to get to Hakone Gardens before I leave San Jose. I’m going to carefully look over the camera before I start shooting. I’ve got to because Nikon won’t help me prevent photographer error!

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