How do you achieve goals, wants and needs? Doing a dream (or vision) board is a fun and proven way to get what you want.

Each year my dear friends Carol and Alyse host a dream board workshop for their friends. We decided that this was our 16th year of getting together; and since I’ve moved to Sacramento, I truly look forward to seeing everyone. This post is not as much about my photography as it is about goal attainment and comradeship.

But first a little about photography. I’m still having trouble with ambient light. The images posted were taken without flash and white balance on auto since I was shooting in two rooms with different lighting. If any photographer has some hints for me, don’t hesitate to send them along. Now back to the fun part of the day.

For a dream board session to be successful, you need magazines, magazines and more magazines. You’ll also need poster boards, scissors, glue sticks, good food, a bunch of friends and laughter. We start at noon with a delicious potluck lunch and then proceed to mess up the house by tearing out pages from magazines, cutting them and then pasting the pictures on our boards. If you can’t find what you want in the magazines, there’s always the internet. Most of the time, I’ll just go through the magazines until something meaningful pops up. We share ideas and pictures. We have fun, and in the end, we show off our masterpieces.

Does it work? Yes, we went on a cross country trip, bought a 5th wheel trailer, put in wood laminate flooring, and went to Disneyland and more. All these items were on my boards at some time. This year my board is all about photography, travel and self-transformation.

What would be on your board? Increase business, travel, health? Get together with a group of friends, have fun and attain your goals.


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