Cross country: The rest of Washington, D.C.

July 6, 2013

Have you ever had a day when nothing works? Today was one of those days. We drove around Stafford following signs.

First we found The Stafford Civil War Park. This was not a park but the area where the Union stayed the winter after their Fredericksburg defeat. It was amazing that the location is still known. I’m not showing you any photos because there really were none. The various military sites were now forest. Maybe someday they will do a recreation of the time.

Another was an historical quarry. There were trails on this one where you could see the quarry, but it was in the 90s with mega humidity. Neither of us wanted to walk it.

We did find a small cemetery on a street corner. No name or fencing, just grave stones. I did take photos of that because it is so odd. I’ll show you that tomorrow.

Since we got a late start, (going to the pancake breakfast and doing laundry) I didn’t get my pedicure, but I did schedule one for tomorrow morning.

So here I am sitting in the trailer wondering just where the day went. I guess we just relaxed. Richard has gone off star gazing, and Gem and I are going to take our evening walk. These days happen, especially when you’ve been running crazy seeing the sites. Sometimes a break is nice.

So maybe today did work!



Cross country: Stafford, Virginia

July 3, 2013

I’m a happy camper. After dealing with humidity frizz and hat hair, I got my hair cut today! But not without frustration and GPS snafus. Ladies, you know how difficult it is to change hairdressers. Double that when you have to pick a salon without recommendation. I got lucky.

It took us three days to arrive in Stafford, our hub to see Washington, D.C., battlefields and surrounding towns. It’s also has been raining for the last three days. And when I say rain, I mean rain. So I really didn’t have an opportunity to take pictures.

Therefore, remember those shots I was saving for a travel and/or a rainy day? Well here they are. Now, I’ve never tried to take images during a show, especially one where they are blowing mist to diffuse the lighting. I also need to be just a little bit taller; okay, a lot taller.

If any of you photographers who are reading this blog have suggestions, please send them. Photographer/artist Leanne Cole sent me some suggestions on getting the entire picture in focus. She’s amazing. Visit her blog at I also want to thank Vit Peyr who gave me software advice. You can visit him at  These photos are mostly unedited. I tried to do one on my own and ruined it (It was a copy.). Then I tried auto fix and that didn’t do much, so I left them alone. It was a great show, and I hope you get some sense of the talent from the images.

Tomorrow, we may go see some battlefields. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll continue to pamper myself with a pedicure.

Happy July 4th!