Cross Country: Old Mystic and the last of Manhattan

July 22, 2013

Getting out of NYC was just as much fun as getting in. Even though we called the city to find out which roads and bridges we could go on, got wonderful directions from relatives and checked the maps, we ended up on a dreaded parkway. Fortunately, just as we got on the parkway, we saw one of NYCs finest giving someone a ticket. We pulled over and asked for help. When he stopped teasing us, he told us we were okay and gave us directions.

My suggestion is that if you want to take any sort of vacation rig into the City and are not familiar with the parkways, expressways, ask for a police escort!

We made our way up I95 for what was supposed to be a two hour trip—it took about four hours because of traffic—and landed in Old Mystic. Originally we were going to stay three nights, but changed our mind and decided to stay two nights. No problem, except that they charged us four times for the three night stay! We thought $512 was a little steep for two or three nights! They are currently working on the problem and have given us our two nights free.  So, we are happy campers.

Today we went out to the seaport, had a great lunch and I took some pictures which I will post tomorrow. It’s a cute area and home to the Mystic Pizza restaurant on which the movie was based. I was told that the movie was actually shot in a nearby town, but the eatery was the inspiration.

Right now, Richard is getting the truck lubed and I’m doing laundry. It’s that sort of catch up day.

Tomorrow, we will move on and stop near Boston, Mass. I’m sure we won’t have any problems and find ourselves on the wrong road. At least I hope not!!

Cross country: Leaving Long Island and more of Manhattan

July 21, 2013

I woke up way too early this morning, but I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve walked the dog, did my emails for my square dance club through August, paid some bills and processed some more Manhattan images.

Regarding the images, last night I saw them on a huge (more than 50”) TV screen. Most looked great, but, in some, I could really see that I saturated the color too much. It is so difficult when working on a laptop because as you move the screen forward or back, the color and intensity changes. So, I’m asking your help. If you see that there’s room for improvement in the color, etc. of the images, please let me know. I’m learning by doing, and that means there will be some error along with the trial!

Next on my list is to find us a place to spend the next couple of nights. We were going to go into Massachusetts, but Richard is not feeling too exuberant so we will go into Connecticut to veg for a couple of days. But the RV parks don’t begin to answer their phones until 9 a.m. so I have some time for this post. Who knows where we will end up? That’s the fun of this type of trip.

So, enjoy some more of Manhattan. Maybe I’ll be able to take a nap today. Most probably, I’ll sleep as we’re driving.


Cross country: Long Island 5, Manhattan, NY and the rest of the Vanderbilt estate

July 20, 2013

We’re having a lazy day today. We were going to visit a friend in New Jersey, but the plans fell through. And, wouldn’t you know it—it’s about 10 degrees cooler. We should have gone into Manhattan today!

But, we had brunch with Irene and Neil did some shopping, and we are now resting. I’ve got some Manhattan images to show you over the next few days since we’re headed out tomorrow up to New England. Here’s the first installment and the rest of the Vanderbilt estate.

I also have to find us a place to stay near Boston Massachusetts before we go back to Irene and Neil’s for dinner. I guess I’ve had enough rest!