Cross Country: Last day Little Rock Arkansas

June 18, 2013

It wasn’t living history; it was a history I lived through—the integration of Central High in Little Rock, 1957. I remember watching it on TV, and our tour guide brought the reality back today as we toured the school.

Central High is still a functioning school, proud of their academic and sports achievements and recognizes those nine students who bravely walked the steps to change history. Our guide, a National Park Ranger, brought history to life as she described what those young students went through to help bring about desegregation. The National Park service has a small museum and gas station for visitors. Both Richard and I left the tour and school in awe of those nine children. I’m posting some photos of the school. You can feel the history.

Not historic, but on a lighter topic, is Larry’s Pizza, recommended by our trolley driver. I have never been to an eatery like this. You walk in, pay, and go through the salad and pizza buffet line. Once seated and enjoying your thin crust pizza, staff members come out and shout out the type of pizza they are carrying. They bring it fresh and hot to your table. You take a slice or two; I would recommend one slice because another staff member will be coming around with another pizza you might like to try.

If that’s not enough, they have a variety of combinations (Some I’ve never heard of nor would want to try.), and will bring out a special for you if you ask. I asked for plain sausage. Oh, and you can have dessert right there. I ate a slice of chocolate/peanut butter pizza and a slice of custard pizza! I could do that because today is my birthday. It is okay to pig out on your birthday, isn’t it? We left there, happy and stuffed.

Last night I tried to capture a sunset, but as usual, it was not an unusual sunset. But, I did get some good river shots. I also learned a lesson: Always return your camera to average settings after experimenting. Some of today’s shots were taken with my white balance on “shade.” Hopefully I can do something with them in PE9.

Tomorrow, we are off to Memphis where we may be experience a little bit of history of the musical kind.

Cross country: Little Rock

The trailer is now basking it its new spot by the river in the same RV Park. It was pamper the trailer day—meaning, get it serviced. The large slide wasn’t going in right so off to the RV service center. Now it’s moving in and out like new.

While the trailer was being serviced, we visited the Clinton Presidential Center. I showed you photos of the outside yesterday, and today I took a few of the inside. It’s a very impressive building, long and designed well inside. I took just one outside shot because it is cloudy and muggy today.

After picking up the trailer, we decided to call it a day and relax, no more sightseeing. Tomorrow we will take the trolley tour and maybe visit Little Rock High School where history was made so many years ago. While Richard was hooking up the trailer, Gem and sat by the Arkansas River and watched boats at work. Actually, they were tugs pushing large barges through the various bridges. I was amazed at the accuracy of the tug master to maneuver the barges. One was pushing barges that were three abreast and four long. I was amazed.

Now, it’s time to look at those images that I’ve already said I would post. Thinking positively doesn’t hurt, does it? All the images I post right now are barely edited. I’ve cropped and maybe tried a quick edit on some, but that’s about it. I still haven’t had time to truly get into my PE9 book. Maybe I’ll have time today.

Tomorrow, the trailer can sit while we sight-see, and maybe the sun will be out and the temperature down. Well, I am being positive!