Busy, is the way I describe most of my weeks. They may start out with a blank calendar, but end up full. When I sometimes have a few days blank, I enjoy relaxing and catching up with stuff at home. But the one constant is my weekly photo outing with friends.

Amy is asking us to post about one day of our week. Here’s mine.

Early this month, Marlene, Laura and I went in search of Fall color in an area called Hope Valley. It’s a day outing since the drive is about 2 hours long. This day did not disappoint us. Colors of orange, yellow and rust were waiting for us on the aspen and other trees.

Here are some of the images gathered that October day.

October 9 was a fun day outing during our week. Thank you Amy!

25 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge #172: A Day of My Week

  1. I’ve read about your weekly outings before Anne and love the commitment you and your friends make to the weekly outings. You made some marvelous discoveries for this one. I especially loved the two images with the little Cabinetry amidst the trees. Glorious autumn scenes!

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      1. A lot times, the mislink or delay of the pingback can be caused by the WP, which happens. If you make a link to my orginal post link, it should work on its own. 🙂


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