It’s like chocolate, there’s never enough. Okay, sometimes I’ve reached my full level of chocolate, but it’s always good. That’s the way a visit to a lotus pond is, always delightful. Sometimes I like watching the people more that shooting the flowers. Onlookers faces light up, and smiles are abundant. Nature does have a way to bring joy into a bleak year.

So, here’s the rest of my images from William Land Park in Sacramento. If you looked hard enough through the large leaves, you could see some floral reflections.

And then some lucky duck finds a rainbow.

And now on to the Vedanta Society of Sacramento and their small lotus pond. This was a quick visit, and I was dismayed to miss seeing the peacocks. Usually they roam around the area. And in the water lily pond, I saw only leaves, no flowers. But the lotus were not disappointing.

Lotus, like chocolate, begs to be re-visited. Maybe soon, at different angles, different time of day? And did you know that lotus bring you good luck? After posting part 1 of my lotus images I was asked to join the Lens Artists group. I am honored!

16 thoughts on “Never enough: The Lotus are blooming, part 2

    1. Thanks David. I hope I did it right. Hate to say it, but I’m still a little confused! So when I see one of the 4 organizers’ blog, that will give me the link to post on? Sorry, I’m technically challenged at 78!


  1. Hello Anne – sorry we’re confusing you (clearly you are NOT confused on your photography, your images are wonderful!). Cee is a guest host this week, so she doesn’t have our challenge when it first posts. For that you need to either follow us via the WP Reader (subscribe to the Lens-Artists TAG), or follow the 4 moderators – , , and . Then each week when our challenge is posted at noon on Saturday you’ll see which of us is the host for the week and that’s who you should link to. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or find this too confusing. And thank for powering through!


  2. I so agree with you that you can never get when looking at lotus flowers. Your photos are so beautiful. I’m envious that you have two places to get photos from. Beautiful post. πŸ˜€


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