No, I haven’t mastered my new camera yet, but I have used it twice. I’ve been busy or very fatigued since I’ve been home. The fatigue is caused by the stress of my L. A. visit and the busy is due to catching up with things and Christmas.

Christmas was delightful. I had calendars made up using some of my images from 2013 and gave them to the four families represented at our Christmas dinner. We were surrounded by food, good people and love and laughter.

Speaking of that holiday, I learned the true Christmas spirit from my sister-in-law Brenda while I was staying with them. I’ve always exchanged gifts with my Christian friends, but never with the spirit and fervor of Brenda. She would run up to people she knew, hug them and wish them a Merry Christmas. And, I’ve never seen so many gifts exchanged. While not celebrating the religious part of Christmas, Brenda celebrated human kindness. This kindness was returned in the form of support for her and my brother. Brenda’s love for people is so genuine that it rubs off. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be that way? How about we try to celebrate that holiday spirit all year round!

I’m posting some photos of our family dinner. I wasn’t able to photograph Richard Sandler and Richard Glass. They were engrossed in conversation, Dave Bickle was working. And, I confess, I haven’t taken the D7100 off of automatic. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get past page 36 of the manual!

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