“Remember me,” I said to my brother as I hugged him goodbye, but in my heart I knew he probably wouldn’t. With his son-in-law and my niece in charge, I left Simi Valley and used the 6 1/2 hour drive to calm down and think. I know what he’s up against, caregiving to my mother for 9 years. She had dementia due to Trans-ischemic Attacks (TIA). But Chuck’s is different since there was no evidence of stroke on the brain scan. There will be more tests to determine the cause, but the results will be the same.

That was two days ago, and once home I got busy with mail and mundane things. One not mundane thing was my new camera, still in the box, just waiting for me. I opened it the evening I returned, took out the camera and looked it over. Nikon told me the body would be different from my D3100, and it is. I picked up the manual and scanned it. Wow! I’m so glad I started with the D3100 because the D7100 would have scared me away from photography! It will take some time, but I will master it. This camera seems to do everything but wash dishes! The excitement of something new was great therapy for the emotional two weeks I had down in Southern California.

More wicked good therapy came my way this morning when we visited my younger grandkids. Did I bring the D7100? Of course, and I took a few snapshots (posted in the gallery).

It will be fun to celebrate Christmas with family tomorrow. We’re a blended group which means we do a lot of celebrating! This is a time to celebrate life. Merry Christmas everyone!

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