The diagnosis is in. We’re not happy about it even though we expected it. My brother has dementia. He finally admitted that he’s been dealing with it for a while. How lonely and scared he must have felt. You see, my mother had dementia and came to live with me when she was 79 years.

But now that the elephant was pushed out of the room, he seems to be more at ease. During my visit, he would forget who I was for a few minutes, and then he’d call me his baby sister. My biggest fear is that he will forget me altogether because I’m in Sacramento, a 6-hour car drive, from him.

Through all the doctor appointments, family discussions and emotional outbursts, my shutter finger was yearning to shoot some images. During the week, we went to Moorpark because I remember it as a quaint small town. It’s not so quaint or small now, but I did take some shots. My nephew-in-law was Santa at one of the local Albertson’s grocery stores, and, of course, they couldn’t keep me away. Finally, I needed to take a picture of my brother Chuck and Brenda, who have a difficult road to travel and are determined to travel it together with the help of their family and support of their friends.

This is my last blog from Simi Valley in Southern California since I’ll be on the road tomorrow, going home to my husband, children and grandchildren, and loving them so much.

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