I won last night. Yes, Richard and I will be attending a movie courtesy of the Curves Gals. I went with Brenda, my sister-in-law, to the monthly Curves dinner and birthday bash. This is a follow up to the previous post on Brenda and the friendships she’s made at Curves. I talked to the manager and she said that this early morning group (6:30 a.m.) was the only one to form this close alliance.

Now, these women really know how to throw a party. If you’re looking for something to drink, you’d better like wine! If you’re into playing games, there were a few including: guess whose panties belong to whom, themed bingo and lucky number. I won on lucky number. Added to the talking, eating, and drinking was Wendy’s 50th birthday celebration. Wendy is the youngest of this multi-generational gathering–Beverly is the oldest at 88.

When Beverly reaches 90 years, there will be another big bash. Caring is how I would describe this bunch of women. Even if they don’t always get along, they are there for each other. It was wicked wonderful for me to be a part of the Curves Gals for the evening. And winning a prize helped also.

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