My niece invited us to lunch at the Chop Shop. Curious name, but I didn’t think anything of it until we got there. The door handles were gas nozzles. That intrigued me. What was waiting for us inside?

We walked into a restaurant decorated in 1950s style,  and for the Christmas holiday,  but somewhat eclectic. License plates were decorating the top of the ceiling overhang, chrome red cushioned bar stools lined the bar and the walls were decorated with whatever memorabilia they could find. The menu was equally interesting, and the food was good.

I tried to capture the look and feel of the eatery. We had fun and gobbled up wicked good food.

One thought on “What’s in a name?

  1. Hi! Looks like you went to A unique fun place & Had good food. Glad your niece showed you a fun Place to see & eat. We Had a nice time last Night .Saw & heard The choir & orchestra Of the Christmas Pageant at Bethel Church. Lovely performance. Took Lynnda & met Melinda & Arleen there. Afterwards we Went to the elephant Bar on Hamilton . Today our park is having their Xmas party maybe we’ll go. Tomorrow we’ll meet With Judy McGrain We’ll go to lunch & Give her the toys we Bought for Toys For Tots. I bought several things At target including a bear for $5.00. Alyse went to the dollar Store & found the same Quality & size of bears For $1 . She bought 6. So now we have Them wrapped. Well take care Have a fun day Love Carol

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