Friendships are sometimes found in unlikely places. This post is about my Sister-in-law, Brenda, and how she gained friendships through exercise at her local Curves gym.

To understand why these friends are so special, you need to know a little about Brenda. Developmentally disabled, Brenda couldn’t read or write when she married my brother. Through the years, she learned how to read, write, drive and count back change when buying something. She was the star pupil, earning her an article in the local Simi Valley newspaper. She is my hero, proving that when you try and continue trying, you can accomplish.

And, the learning hasn’t stopped. Now that his physical health is diminishing, my brother is still teaching Brenda, 71, to take on more responsibilities. She is now figuring out the final tab at a restaurant, driving more and taking more responsibilities at home.

Brenda also volunteers at a local elementary school as a teachers assistant. She’s a favorite with the school staff as well as the children. Everyone calls her Grandma Brenda. They have given her awards, and her proudest moment came when she was allowed to read to the children.

Now back to her friends. The gals gather at 6 a.m. in the morning for their physical and chatter workout. Today, I went to take photographs. What I saw were lots of smiles, talking, and some exercising. These women have formed a friendship group that gets together for coffee after exercise and monthly for a potluck dinner. What is more important, they encourage, support and help Brenda.

This morning was the power workout. What I saw was more of an exercise of friendship. After their calisthenics, jackets were donned and off they went to have coffee and celebrate a birthday. I’m posting some images of the experience. More to come after their monthly party and another birthday celebration.


One thought on “Friendship

  1. Hi Anne, Thank you for writing & sharing your insights About your sister-in- law. Please give her a hug From us . Stay calm & take care Love you, Cat

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