Yes, tomorrow I leave the Los Angeles area and Simi Valley and head home. I was hoping to have more time to take some photobans, but visiting some dear friends and staying with my brother and sister-in-law was more important and more enjoyable.

I do have a few shots for you. We ate breakfast at a Simi Valley treasure, Jerry’s Coffee Shop. The outside doesn’t look like much, just an old style building in an industrial area. Inside was eclectic and old. However the owner greeted each patron like an old friend, and they have become old friends. You can see from the candid shot with my brother, Yen knows how to make you feel right at home.

I did try to take shots of my friends, but when I was in the picture I wasn’t the one behind the camera. Things can happen with that!

Tonight, coming back from visiting my niece, I caught a nice suburban sunset after a stormy night and partly cloudy day. That’s my week. It will be wicked good to be home tomorrow.

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