Ah, Mother Nature–she gives us beauty to enjoy, and she also gives us insects. I’m talking about mosquitoes, mosquitoes,  and more mosquitoes! There were a lot of them at Gray Lodge and they were BIG. As soon as I would stop to take in a scene or a photo, they were all over me. The double layers of clothing protected me somewhat, but they bit through jeans and socks. I have bites on my face, legs, feet, hands and fingers. The first thing I did when I got home was shower and wash my hair. I’m not complaining; it was worth it. A city girl, I’m just amazed.

Today,  we continue our journey through Gray Lodge. First we did the driving tour. You cannot get out of your car, so we were shooting through open windows and the sun roof. Yes, the car was full of mosquitoes too. Then we did the walking tour. That’s when Diane and I noticed the mosquitoes just sitting on the back of Laura’s pants. They must have been on ours too because I have a lot of bites on the backs of my legs. This tour brought us in a little closer to the birds and plants.

After we left Gray Lodge, we took a nice tour of the area on our way to Delevan National Wildlife Refuge. We stopped along the way when we saw anything interesting.


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