Children and grandchildren bring with them a lot of activity. I’m talking about play dates, sports and other important stuff. Saturday was Olivia’s third birthday. When we came to the door, she was jumping up and down as she said, “It’s my birthday today!” I answered, jumping up and down, “It’s your birthday today!” Last year she was just beginning to understand the meaning of birthday. This year she has it down! I’m positing some images of her little party.

Right after the party we rushed to Ryan’s soccer game. He’s a good player until he gets tired. At age 5, it’s just understanding the rules and the game and having fun. Ryan is a lot smaller than other players so he has to push to keep up. But any sport at this age is fun to watch. I’m posting some images. I do need to figure out how to blur out the other kids’ faces. Any hints???

2 thoughts on “A busy Saturday

    1. That’s the only time I watch sports. I think pro-sports has gotten too expensive and doesn’t teach team spirit the way it used to. Leanne, is there an easy way to blot out the kids’ faces. I have better soccer shots, but I don’t want to put them on the blog because they are children and I don’t have releases.


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