I know, it’s an odd combination, but that is what my day was yesterday.

First was Ryan’s soccer game. We arrived in the second half, but I was able to get some images of our grandson playing. I’m trying to crop the other kids out or messing up their faces so they can’t be recognized. I know to publish a minor, you have to have permission and I think this is a form of publishing. So there’s  the difficulty. Ryan is a serious player as you can see by the expression on his face. Maybe, next time, we’ll get there in time for more and better images.

Now for Toastmasters. It is my club’s, Skillbuilders Toastmasters, 25th Anniversary, and we had a party. I tried to get mostly candid shots, but the sun was not cooperating at around 5 p.m. Does it ever? Some of the images were edited with “Auto Smart Fix.” I’m reluctant to mess with skin tones etc. On others, I got into the lighting. I’ve got to learn how to tame the sun. All advice is welcome.

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