Last week, my friend and photographer/professional speaker, gave me an assignment to shoot door knobs in Sutter Creek, CA. Well, life interfered (funny how it didn’t interfere when we were on vacation) and I didn’t have time to go that far. So, I drove down to Old Sacramento to find some aging door knobs. I had fun which all came to a halt when I discovered a parking ticket on my windshield. I had 13 minutes left on the meter, but my money was in the wrong meter. It’s very confusing down there especially when there are no other cars parked on the street. I contested the ticket and was advised it would take about six months to process my complaint!

Anyway, Jim worked on some of the door knobs and has given me permission to post his work. I thought what he did was amazing. And, he said he would help me! Here are the images. I’ll post my unedited shots first and then his edited versions second.

By the way, you can find him at He’s a wicked super/excellent photographer!


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