Okay, starting today, I will use my camera at least every other day and give myself a challenge of the week. This week I’ve chosen exposure. I know I can compose a picture. I’m even beginning to see things the way my camera would. But, I’m lagging behind in the technical stuff. I’m starting with exposure as a stepping stone to HDR. I’m really bummed to find that my camera doesn’t auto bracket (It took me 1 1/2 years to understand what that meant.) as you shoot. Since I know I need to learn the technical stuff first before I do HDR, I’m not running out to get a new camera.

I took several photos of a rose in my back yard with various exposures. All were shot with aperture priority, 18 – 70 mm lens, hand held and in the shade. I brought out my tripod but couldn’t get the right angle to shoot the rose since the plant is right along side the pool!  I can see the difference it made, but I need to study more about what it means. I’ve just been shooting and hoping to get the right exposure. If I don’t, I’ve learned enough about PE9 to edit them. Here are the photos. I welcome all advice–that’s how I learn!


2 thoughts on “Giving myself discipline

  1. Do not know what Auto bracket is? Glad you are happy Learning what your Camera will do. Have fun!! Love Cat

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