August 29, 2013

Jensen—it barely exists. Yesterday, I talked about the National Monument; but, today I want to talk about the town. The Monument covers Utah and Colorado, with the quarry in Jensen. So, I’m wondering why the gateway to the Monument is Vernal and Naples. These cities are 13 – 10 miles away from the Monument.

Jensen’s claim to fame is the Utah Welcome Center! The 2010 census says Jensen’s population is 412. Not much for an unincorporated area that’s the gateway to such a tremendous find. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox. Oh, before I do, we couldn’t find a real ice cream place in Vernal. They had one store that served frozen custard, soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt. Vernal needs a Baskin Robbins!

Right now we are in Salt Lake City and I understand from the gals in the campground office that there are plenty of Baskin Robbins stores to quench my ice cream thirst. Maybe tonight we will go listen to the rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and then find a Baskin Robins. We are neither Mormon nor Christian, but we’ve heard a lot about the choir.

This afternoon, I’m posting images of dinosaur bones and the immediate area around the quarry at the Monument. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to show you shots from the Monument’s car tour.

Although I’m still wondering how Jensen lost out, we will enjoy Salt Lake City tomorrow.


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