August 26, 2013

We reached new heights today—11,800 ft. above sea level! We drove to the crest in the Rocky Mountain National Park, stopping to take pictures. We tried one small hike, and we both had altitude problem. So, we thought we’d let the truck do the hiking. We still had problems!

Richard couldn’t catch his breath, and I had a tightening in my chest and couldn’t catch my breath. I was also worried that he was overworking his knees. We’ve never had altitude problems before, and I’m guessing it’s age (and, in my case a repaired heart). Our campground is at 8300 ft. At first it was difficult for me to walk the dog up hill; now it’s a little easier.

I shot a lot of photos today and still have to sort through them. Tonight, I’m showing you scenery in and from our campground. You’ll see a great number of shots of mama moose and her two offspring. It was so wicked that they came to feed in our campground near the children’s playground.

I’ll give you my impressions of the Park in tomorrow’s post. No, we’re not going to try to hike it again. We thought we’d go into Grand Lake Village and just take it easy. No new heights for us; it’s easier to function at 8300 ft.


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