Finally, someone shot Richard! Yes, he got his cortisone shots yesterday and is now walking normally and feeling a lot better.

I also had my lens prescription faxed to Kaiser and then took it to CostCo, picked out new frames and they will be waiting for me when I get home. Now that’s service! And, because I bought them through CostCo, I can take them in to get fitted to my local store. Lesson learned: when you get a new prescription, get new glasses!

After our Kaiser/CostCo adventure, we had time before we went to visit with Nicole and Alex Dorotik. I’ll talk more about Nicole in the next paragraph. We went to Cherry Creek State Park only to see that it was a lake, and had two main events happening in the park. The ranger at the guard station seemed relieved when we told her we were going to turn around. Then we went across the street to a regular park. I managed to get one decent image.

Denver and its suburbs are spread out and reminded me of San Jose. However, San Jose is small compared to Denver. There is an abundance of industry, shopping malls, etc. as you drive through the various towns. And, of course, there is an abundance of traffic.

On the way to the Dorotik’s home, the skies were active with thunder and lightning. Even though I said I wouldn’t do any more drive by shots, I just couldn’t help myself. This would be an experiment and fun to work on. So, I have a couple of those images for you too.

Now, back to Nicole. Her Mom and I go back before she was born. Judy is my soul sister in Los Angeles. We held each other up in tough times until I moved to San Jose. I don’t think she’s ever forgiven me for moving away. But even when things were dark in Sacramento, she was there. Nicole is Judy’s youngest, and is now a doctor, wife and mom of three. We last saw them when we came through Denver on our South Dakota trip two years ago.

We had a great time then and had a wicked time last night. The children (Lily, Savi and Brady) are great kids, and Alex does a mean barbecue. It’s wonderful to see children who meant a lot to you grow up, have their own families and live happy lives. Will we see them again in another two years? Maybe if they come to see Judy in California.

Tomorrow, we leave for Rock Mountain National Park. We reserved three nights at a campground. With his knees doing well, I think Richard will enjoy this Park the best. I’m so glad he got his cortisone shots.


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