August 22, 2013

Beam me home Scotty! Wouldn’t that be great? It would make traveling so much easier. Imagine, you need medical attention; you beam home, go to your doctor and then beam back, resuming your vacation. Tomorrow is our medical day. I’m going to at least order new glasses to be sent to my home. I also hope they can do something with my broken glasses. Richard is going to finally get his cortisone shots.

Right now we are in Strasburg, Colorado which is about 30 miles outside of Denver. But, I want to talk about Goodland, Kansas. I don’t know why that town touched me so much. Maybe it was the owner of the KOA we stayed in. She is an extremely talented jewelry designer. While I shopped, we talked about how she sells her product.

She said the women in town do not buy her necklaces. They tell her that they don’t have any place to wear them. You see, this is a small farm town. Everything is pure simplicity. There are no large franchised restaurants and no fast food joints. The few eateries are mostly bar and grills. Life is simple here, but the weather isn’t. The summers are hot and dry; the winters, cold and dry. The KOA is only open in the spring and summer.

The KOA owner said the winters are too cold, sometimes getting down to 16F. They don’t get too much snow, but when they get flurries, I-70 is closed because it freezes over. Her business relies on RV overnighters. We were the first to arrive yesterday, and she nearly filled up the park. The next morning, we were almost the last to leave an almost empty park. I bought some jewelry, but I don’t know if anyone else did. I left thinking that the inhabitants live in a harsh climate, and their lives are not easy.

I tried to get some images of the city, but me and my lens weren’t cooperating. So, I don’t have too many to show you, but you may get some idea of life in Goodland.

I’m going to take a couple of days off from posting this blog, and I’ll resume as we leave Denver. Hopefully, I’ll have some Denver images to show you. I just don’t know how long we will be here. Our next goal is Rocky Mountain National Park. We missed seeing it the last time we were through here.

Yes, it would be wicked is we could beam from place to place!


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