August 21, 2013

Against the wind, we drove against the wind. I know I skewed Bob Seger’s lyrics, but that’s what we did today. Kansas turned dry, flat, hot and windy—about 20 miles per hour. At every rest stop, there were wind warnings via a loud speaker. We lost about 4 miles per gallon on fuel. This drive wasn’t as pretty or relaxing as yesterday.

I guess part of the reason is that I really don’t like to drive stop and pick up the next day and continue on. It’s been three days of this. Tomorrow we will be in Denver where we will shop (the refrigerator is almost empty) and do laundry. Then on Friday, we will spend most of the day at Kaiser and then have dinner with friends. Good news: we entered the Mountain Time zone. We’re getting closer to home!

Right now, I’m writing this blog and, once again, hearing the locusts. I haven’t talked about the locusts. We’ve been hearing them for about three weeks now. It’s just a constant buzzing sound. They don’t do anything but make noise.

We did go into Goodland after dinner, and I took a few pictures. Goodland is a small farm town. I’ll tell you more about the town tomorrow and I’ll post images too. Tonight we are catching up with St. Louis, Missouri.

Remember we were there for just a few hours, but I did want to get close enough to shoot the arch. We didn’t have time to go to it, park and go up to the top. But, I did get the feeling of it. It is huge and wicked. I hope you enjoy what I did get.

So with that, I’ll close this post. Hopefully, as we climb in elevation to Denver, we won’t be fighting the wind, and we’ll have an easy drive.


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