August 18, 2013

Well, no one wants to shoot Richard. We’ve tried twice to get him a cortisone shot and failed. So, we’re heading off to Denver, Colorado and a Kaiser facility. At least the Veteran’s hospital gave him some crutches. He says they help him more than the cane. My poor hubby is in pain and hobbling. I even learned how to pull handles (dump the trailer) this morning.

I did some shooting today, just a limited amount. St. Louis is a wicked city with a lot of parks. In just the small area we were in today, I counted three parks, mostly dedicated to families. And, there was a wicked sculpture park for dogs. Too bad we left Gem in the trailer, but I doubt the VA would have welcomed him with open arms.

Today’s images are of our exploration of Illinois State Park in Springfield. I’m only posting a few since we are short of data minutes and this campground doesn’t have WIFI.

Tomorrow, we start our Denver trek. I’ll be posting images of the remainder of Illinois State parks and St. Louis.  Hopefully Kaiser in Denver will shoot Richard with cortisone.


One thought on “Cross country: St. Louis, Missouri

  1. Hi ! Can’t believe that the VA won’t give Richard A cortisone shot! That’s crazy. I pray that Kaiser in CO will give him one. We’ll pray that it works Out . How is Gem?? How are you with your 2 wounded ones?? Take care of yourself O.K.? Love to you all!!! Cat & Ali

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