August 17, 2013

Have we really been on the road for 2 ½ months? Sometimes it feels like longer and sometimes I can’t believe how long we’ve been gone or where we’ve been. This blog helps me stay present and provides a log to show me the road we’ve traveled.

Today, we flea bombed the trailer again, and went exploring. We found a great State Park and lake. They have a campground, but with only electric. There were people fishing and enjoying the water. Most of all, it was peaceful—no tourists except for us.

Lunch was an experience. I’m guessing we weren’t in the best part of town, but we stopped at a barbecue place anyway. I’m glad we did. It was delicious and the restaurant had won many awards and was written up in a local magazine and newspaper for their food. I’m also glad that we asked for medium sauce!

Next, we found the Lincoln Memorial Gardens. Richard and Gem stayed in the truck while I took a short loop around the park.

It’s been a nice day. Tomorrow we leave for St. Louis, Missouri. We are taking Gem to the vet for a final check on his eye, so we will have a late start. We were going to be in Springfield for three days and have been here for six. Time to move on and cover some more road!


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