August 15, 2013

I feel like venting. Today was one of those days when you wish you were home in your own environment. Yes, that happens on a long, long trip.

You’ll remember that we took Gem in for a bath and other flea and beauty treatments. After picking him up, we noticed that his left eye was oozing and was closed. We called PetSmart and they suggested that we wait until the morning. He probably just got soap in his eye. This morning, his eye was still closed, so to the vet in the PetSmart store we went. This was what we were instructed to do, and we were told they would take care of everything. They did. Gem has a scratched cornea. After the vet doing her job and the drops took effect, his eye is now open.

Next, with the success of helping Gem, we decided that Richard should get his cortisone shots in a large town like Springfield. He called Kaiser in Roseville and got the okay to go to an emergency room. We spent two hours there only to NOT receive shots!

Finally, we needed to change campgrounds because we had not been able to see all we wanted to see in Springfield and there was no way we could extend at our current campground. The Illinois State Fair is this week.

Thanks for letting me vent. If I were at home, I’d probably cry on a friend’s shoulder or gone somewhere that fills my soul. As worried as he was about the dog, Richard did whatever he could to help both of us get through this. He found us another campground. We will be here through Sunday. The vet wanted to see Gem on Monday, but agreed that another vet in the clinic could see him on Sunday. Hopefully, we’ll get the okay to move on.

Tonight, I’m posting the remainder of the New Salem pictures. Just having a whole town put together in the same way it was originally, puts my day in perspective. Life was difficult then. Hospitals were not handy, lifespans were short, and a trip like ours would not have been possible.

These days happen no matter where you are. I’m looking forward to an easy, relaxing day tomorrow and seeing some sights.


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