August 14, 2013

Let’s go back in time to the early 1800s. Abraham Lincoln is now in New Salem, working for food and lodging. He is also self-educating himself in law and surveying. He becomes a lawyer in 5 years with only a year of prior education. Who today can boast that? President Lincoln was truly an amazing person.

Today, in between taking the dog in for a bath, picking up our truck and then picking up the dog, we visited New Salem an Illinois State Park. They recreated the village when Lincoln lived, after he left Indiana, until he became active in politics and moved to Springfield. Most of the log cabins have been recreated on their original foundations. The cooper shop was built from the original wood. That building is more than 180 years old. When you look at the images, you’ll find out what a cooper shop is! That called enticement.

The village lazily winds around, is peaceful to walk through and interpreters or docents are on hand to explain how the villagers lived. I have half the images to show you tonight.

Enjoy going back to Lincoln’s time before he became interested in politics.


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