August 13, 2013

If you’ve seen the movie “Lincoln” and liked it, you have to find your way to Springfield, Illinois. Yes, we finally made it. It took three days of travel, but we are now in a nice campground/RV Park. We’ve stayed at worse RV Parks than the parks we stayed at during our three day travel, but they weren’t the top.

This RV Park is just a few miles outside of Springfield, so it’s handy, clean and not a dirt campground. This means when it rains, it won’t be muddy. Today we went to the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

The Library is a true working library and visitors were not permitted above the second floor. The only thing we could see was the exhibit, “Men in Blue” which was about the Civil War. No photographing was allowed anywhere in the library.

The museum was absolutely wicked. It was unlike any museum I’ve ever been in. Three movie theaters, mannequins that are life like, a children’s dress up and play room and exhibits that showed Lincoln’s life, the Civil War, and more.

You left with a true sense of the time and life of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln—their joys and sorrows. The movies were full of special effects, and, like Disneyland, moving seats. Many exhibits led into hallways full of additional information. In one, they had the late Tim Russert covering the 1864 presidential election as if it were today. That really put things into perspective!

The only downside was, I was not able to take pictures in the exhibits or theaters, only in the plaza and children’s play room. And, they are very strict about that. So, I have a limited number of images for you.

Last, my dear friends were worried about me since I hadn’t posted in a couple of days. When we are traveling to a specific place, I probably won’t be posting unless I have something to show you. The drive through Ohio, Indiana and half of Illinois was nice with farms growing corn and soy beans. If we could pull over, there were some farms that were nice enough to shoot, but we were not able to do so. The Midwest is flat. In fact, another camper was complaining that California had mountains and they were tall. I guess we’re comfortable with what we are used to.

I’m sure I’ll have a lot of images to share with you as we explore Springfield. And, yes, we did see the movie, “Lincoln.”


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