August 10, 2013

It’s another travel day, another view from the highway and another campground.

Travel day: These are necessary to get us from place to place. We try not to drive more than 160 miles a day, and finding a campsite is guess work. Last night’s campground wasn’t horrible, but it was misleading. I wouldn’t recommend Indian Creek in Geneva-by-the-Lake for overnighters. They put us on the grass with just water and electric for $45. Fortunately we used our Passport America and got it half price. But we did get a lecture that the Passport discount doesn’t apply on weekends, but their corporate reservationist made a mistake. Worse, we were told to go find a place near a hook-up pole and park the trailer. There were no assigned spaces except for the seasonal campers. We did meet a wonderful couple from Italy who came to the USA for a year. They bought a small motor home and have been traveling for 7 months so far. I think that takes guts. I’m already missing home after traveling for almost 2 ½ months.

Highway view: Ohio reminded me a lot of California highways. And, there are no tolls. We didn’t add up what we spent on tolls in the east, but it was costly. I would advise you to purchase a Fast Pass if you’re going to be on the east coast for a while. Ohio is slightly greener. Houses are no longer brick, but made of wood siding. I did see one stucco home. The countryside is scattered with farms and some large homes.

Another campground: Our campground is slightly off the main highway and has a lot of seasonal campers. We overnighters are in an area of our own. Plus, we’re in assigned spaces!  Also, I was thinking that I would do this post as a text only since I didn’t have any new images for you to see. But then this rig came in. It is a 40-ft. 5th wheel being towed by a tractor with a car trailer and ramp between them. I’ve never seen anything like this. And, it’s all painted as a set! The owner said he bought it off the internet and that his wife said if she was full-timing, she wanted to be comfortable. He gave me permission to photograph it.

Tomorrow is another travel day, and I may not post to the blog unless something causes me to. Springfield Illinois is our target destination, and we plan to be there on Monday.


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