August 8, 2013

Some days are like the day we had yesterday—a little wicked, a little tense, a little frustrating—but all in all fun!

We did laundry and other stuff in the morning and then after lunch, we went to the Falls on the American side, specifically Goat Island and the Cave of the Wind attraction. We donned yellow ponchos and Cave of the Wind sandals and down we went to the bottom of the American and Bridal Veil Falls.

It was totally wicked! You could totally feel the force of the Falls at the bottom of the drop. The ponchos did little to help those who went to the top of the structure and stood close to the thundering water. I did get to the top, but stayed away from the “danger zone” since I had my camera. This experience humbles humankind and gives us respect for Mother Nature.

We got a better view of Mother Nature at work on the Canadian side of the Falls. This is a must. If you want to see Niagara Falls, go to the Canadian side also. You view the American and Bridal Veil Falls head on and get a better view of the Horseshoe Falls. However, I wouldn’t wait around until they light up the Falls at night. We ended up with three hours to kill while waiting for the magic 9 p.m. So, we bought bus tickets which took us to the major attractions on the Canadian side knowing most of them were closed or closing. But, we thought we’d ride around anyway.

Here’s where I became a little tense. I left my camera bag on one of the busses. I was able to retrieve it, but the initial realization that my lenses had left my possession was filled with anxiety. The frustration came when the coating on my eyeglasses started to peel. Fortunately, I always bring an old pair, and they were in the trailer. However, these are very old in style and prescription so I hope they work.

More frustration came when I couldn’t take a picture of Horseshoe Falls lit up because the mist just got my lens filter all wet. The mist was hitting everywhere during the day, wetting the streets and people with a fine continuous deluge of water. So, I should have guessed that when the breeze picked up, the mist would blow even more.

Today, we are going back to the American side and don blue ponchos for a boat ride under the Falls. I probably won’t bring out the camera. And, I have yesterday’s American side photos to show you. I’m hoping today is just totally wicked!

Warning: If you plan a full day at the Falls, which on the American side is the Niagara Falls State Park, pack a lunch. It cost me $11 for a large soft pretzel and two drinks. Today when we go back, I’m packing a lunch and snacks. I’m hoping we’ll be back at the trailer for dinner.


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