August 7, 2013

There’s some wicked new steps leading into our trailer. But, Gem doesn’t see it that way. He’s afraid to climb them! Schnoodles need their routine and structure; put them into a new situation, they can’t handle it. Given time, he will adjust. If only life were so simple that new steps caused us to adjust!

While the trailer was being fixed, we took Gem to a dog park in Lewiston. We ended up running him in an open field next to the dog park because there weren’t any other dogs in the fenced area. Gem rejoiced in the freedom and ran.

After giving Gem a run, we had lunch at this great Greek/American restaurant. It was yummy. I had Greek penne pasta. Yesterday, we bought some lunch meat at a deli near the RV dealer, and I bought olives stuffed with feta cheese. They were wicked. So, my dear friend, Alyse, we will have to try making some when I visit next. Alyse is of Greek heritage and loves her feta and olives, but I don’t think she’s put them together!

Now that our trailer is put together, we will be going back to the Falls tomorrow. We will definitely do the American side and maybe the Canadian side too. We’ll see how much energy we have.

In the meantime, enjoy a Falls preview as I post Monday’s images. I’m enjoying not having to climb our step ladder to get in and out of our trailer!

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