August 5, 2013

So goes life: another adventure! This time the steps to our trailer got bent. We don’t know when or where it happened! We didn’t feel or hear anything. Good news is that it’s getting repaired and the RV sales and repair dealer is letting us use a pad with water and electric at no cost. I thought that was great. Plus the receptionist said we could come in at any time and help ourselves to coffee, etc. You don’t get that kind of treatment on the west coast—at least in my experience.

And our RV Park just pushed our reservation back a day. No problem. He has the space and our money so, no problem. We will be staying at the Cinderella Motel and RV Park. It’s a small motel with an RV park in the back. The park is nice with full hookups and grass. We found it through Passport America.

A word of advice if you’re thinking about a trip like this: buy into some sort of RV park discount plan. We’ve already made back the $50, and gained more, we spent on joining Passport America. The deals are not in every town and are limited in some cases. For instance, at Cinderella, we can only do two days of our three day stay at the half off rate. However, in Pennsylvania, they gave us the full five days at the discount.

Right now I’m looking for something wicked to talk about, so I’m going to tell you about northwestern New York. The most noticeable thing is that my hair is not frizzy any more. Now that’s wicked!

Riding along I90, the countryside is just beautiful. Farms are to either side of the highway, and they don’t have any barbed-wire fencing. Some are older and some newer. Some are small and some are large. But, they are all well-kept.

The towns are old. The factories are old, have large smoke chimneys and some have been converted to shopping malls or office usage.

It was a pleasant drive here; and after they fix our steps tomorrow morning, I’m hoping we’ll have a wicked adventure at Niagara Falls. I’m going to post my images of our campground near Albany. The Albany pictures will be posted tomorrow.

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