August 4, 2013

“How are you two getting along?” That’s what a lot of people ask when we explain our long trip in our trailer. So, let’s talk about relationships for a bit.

I always wondered how my mother’s family of five siblings were so close in adulthood. They lived in a two bedroom walk-up apartment in NYC. In adulthood, they remained close even though they were spread on the east and west coasts. In fact, it was my aunt and uncle who convinced my mom to move to California when I was 15. We stayed with them and my three cousins for six months before we got our own place.

I think they were close because growing up; they had to relate to each other and fight less in that small living space. There was no TV. It’s the same in a small trailer. With living space at a premium we relate to each other differently than at home where we have 2500 sq. ft.

We have TV most of the time, but just one. We need to compromise and agree on what shows we want to see. There’s ample sitting room in our trailer, but sitting in the living room means sitting near the kitchen. Living in this small space means understanding each other’s needs and compromise. If anything, this trip has helped bring us closer. And that’s wicked because in October we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary.


Our compromise yesterday was to go into Albany to see the sights and lunch. It was a short trip because Albany isn’t that big. It’s an old city and a lot of the buildings show it. We were in the governmental area, which was pretty empty considering it was Saturday. Most restaurants were closed. We found the Capitol and some other government buildings, and I’ll show you images as soon as I can. Some of the tenements in the surrounding area were nice and well-kept and others were in disrepair. A lot were boarded up. I took some shots, but not of the really decrepit buildings. People were standing around or sitting on their stoops and I didn’t want to impose. Street shots were impossible because we were very noticeable in our big truck. Today, I’m showing you the shots I took when we went back to Portland, Maine and our campground in Scarborough, Maine.

Tonight we are staying in Farmington. I wanted to go to Rome, but Richard said “No.” Now when else would we get a chance to get to Rome? Everyone would think we were in Italy. Instead we ended up in a nice KOA in Farmington. I missed blogging yesterday because my computer needed attention. Richard worked on it most of the day. Tonight the internet is giving me trouble.

Tomorrow, we go to Niagara Falls.  I’ve already secured a campground and he promised we wouldn’t be going into any mountains, climbing hills or getting lost since he was easy to find! I’m anxious to see the Falls. Richard is also, having never been there before either.

So, the answer to the opening question is, “We are getting along fine. Glad to be on our way home and anxious to visit more places.”

2 thoughts on “Cross country: Farmington, New York and images of Portland, ME and Wassamki Campground, Scarborough, ME

  1. Hi! We’re so happy that You have grown closer because of This trip ! Wow ! 50 years Coming up! We have to celebrate For sure!! Love, Cat

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