August 2, 2013

It was a not so wicked adventure. Quite a few years ago whenever I’d get lost while driving, I would tell my kids that we were on an adventure. Well, today we were on an adventure; but, not the wicked kind.

We got lost trying to find a campground in the Massachusetts mountains. It took us about 2 hours of driving on steep grades to find the interstate. Needless to say, the truck was overworked and tired, we were tired and Gem was wondering why he was in the truck for so long. This little escapade cost us wear and tear on the truck and lots of fuel. We were out a total of 10 hours before we landed in the Arrowhead Marine and RV Park, Glenville, New York.

Usually we drive about 4 hours before reaching our next RV Park. The lesson learned, when the campground states online that they are near the interstate, don’t believe it! Ask questions before you make the reservation. Also, try to avoid driving in Massachusetts. I can’t believe the amount of traffic we ran into on I90 and other roads.

Enough griping, we are okay, learned another lesson and spent some money we didn’t count on. We’re going to stay put tomorrow and relax. So there won’t be any adventures of the frustrating kind. Meanwhile enjoy the rest of Acadia National Park.


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